Wilderness Survival Gear–Amazing Stuff

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Some camping equipment can double as wilderness survival gear

Wilderness survival gear is pretty necessary if you are going to be camping in the great outdoors, away from established campsites.

When you’re lost and alone in the great outdoors you need every advantage you can get. Listed below are a few really, really neat ideas for gear you might want to carry with you:

1. The Solar Kettle

This solar kettle allows you to boil water without electricity, fire or heat of any kind. You can use it any time there is sunlight. Water will boil in 20-49 minutes, depending on surrounding temperature. Scratch and weather-resistant outer casing. In survival situations, when contaminated water needs to be sterilized, or when seawater needs to be desalinated, there’s nothing better around if no fire can be had. Well worth buying for emergency situations.

2. Lifestraw

We have a couple of these just in case. It’s a personal water filter that enables you to have immediate access to good drinking water. The beauty of the Lifestraw is that you don’t even need a cup–you can put one end of the straw in water and drink through it. Lifestraw can filter over 264 gallons of water of dangerous bacteria and protozoa and the removal rate exceeds EPA standard for water filtration. It doesn’t filter heavy metals or viruses, and you cannot use it for desalinization, but for twenty dollars and an indefinite shelf life you get good value for money.

3. Survival Food Tabs

While we haven’t yet discovered how to make complete dinners expand from a little pill with the addition of water The Jetsons-style, this survival food is a nifty little substitution. Twelve tablets provide 100% of the USA RDA of 15 essential vitamins and minerals, and contains highly concentrated protein for the body to assimilate. Because they are so highly compressed oxygen and moisture can’t penetrate the tablets, so they have a ten year shelf-life. In survival situations, where one has to subsist on whatever the conditions provide, these tablets may well mean the difference between life and death. Apparently they taste delicious, as well, so that’s a plus.

4. The EDC Survival Paracord Belt

In survival situations one of the most basic tools for surviving is rope. EDC provides you with 130 feet of it–with a break strength of 550 pounds. You’ll be prepared with this belt for any emergency situation that calls for rope. Features a black metal buckle.

5. Celox Blood Clotting Granules

When every second counts, a blood-clotting granule pack is the one to reach for. When used as directed, it forms a robust gel clot in as little as 30 seconds, which means it can stop even potentially lethal bleeding fast. Comes in individual packets. A must have for survival medical kits.

6. TITAN Extra-Thick Emergency Mylar Sleeping Bag

Originally designed for NASA, these emergency sleeping bags are quieter and more versatile than mylar blankets.  They can be used as ground cover, rescue or distress beacons, ponchos, tarps and impromptu shades without damaging as fast as standard mylar blankets because they’re tear-resistant. They’re 41% thicker, which also keeps you warmer in emergency situations.




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