Where To Get Baby Camping Gear

There used to be a time baby camping gear was non-existent.  But you moms out there are intrepid people. You want to camp with the kids, even as babies! You’re to be commended, all of you; it’s never too early to introduce your kids to the great outdoors. Check out these products for your baby and toddler.

1.  Baby First Aid Kits:

Amazon has a great little portable first aid kit for kids called the MediBuddy – First Aid Kit by me4kidz – Medi Buddy (Assorted Color)  It’s portable and pediatrician recommended:

2. Baby Carriers:

You can get all kinds of baby carriers especially for backpacking and hiking these days.  This one is worth taking a peek at. It’s reasonably priced and light weight:

3.  Pack n’ Play:

Amazon has a great selection of PackNPlay for whatever your needs will be.

4.  Camping High Chair:

Who knew?

5. Baby clothes for camping:

Are you ready to go camping and hiking with your kids?  Awesome! Check out these ideas to keep your little ones occupied and happy at the campsite!

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