What Is Your Camping Name?

Spit roasting a turkey
Pokestick Afterbite spit roasting a turkey

Ever just sit around the campfire and suddenly the conversation dies?  No one seems to be able to come up with a subject to talk about.  That’s when you grab the print-out of this page and start naming names!

Just use your initials. My camping name is Propanea Afterbite . What’s yours?

First Name:                                         Last Name:

  1. Woodsy                                                             A.  Woodlander
  2. Cooler                                                                B.  McStreams
  3. LoonCall                                                            C.  Hammockhurst
  4. Tentpeg                                                             D.  Snowbanks
  5. Bearscat                                                            E.  Coffeepotterson
  6. Birchbark                                                           F.  Bedrollio
  7. Muddy                                                               G.  Outhouse
  8. Grommet                                                          H.  Axehandle
  9. Nettles                                                               I.  Moosemoss
  10. Bluetarp                                                             J.  Twinklesticks
  11. Pokestick                                                           K.  LeBeer
  12. Beans                                                                 L.  Afterbite
  13. Propanea                                                          M.  Treefeller
  14. Leeches                                                             N.  Gaitervitch
  15. Mosquitobite                                                    O.  St. Ripstop
  16. Longjohns                                                          P.  Smoresingle
  17. Sparky                                                                Q.  Rockclimber
  18. Smokey                                                               R.  Firestarter
  19. Biffy                                                                     S.  Splintershins
  20. Chainsaw                                                            T.  MacMarshmallow
  21. River                                                                    U.  Vonsterno
  22. Moonglow                                                           V.  Pitcooker
  23. Cleats                                                                 W.  Starshine
  24. Creekbed                                                            X.  Sunbeamer
  25. Stumpy                                                                Y.  Briquette
  26. Chigger                                                                Z.  Citronella


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