What Do You Eat When The Fire Goes Out?

No-cook meals should always be in your kitchen arsenal when you go camping. Why?

A No-Cook Meal Scenario:

woman eating tree
You don’t have to eat the shrubbery at your campsite when the fire goes out.

You are at the campsite when it starts to rain. And rain. And rain. The fire splutters and dies. In the face of a dreary day you go into your cook-shack with the nice waterproof roof and get ready to make lunch.

That’s when you discover you have no propane. The kids are hungry. What do you make when the fire goes out?

Here are 24 great menu suggestions (for the recipes click here): 

Breakfasts:                      Lunches:                 Dinners:

Trail Mix Muesli                            Tapenade & Baguette Slices       Potato Salad With Prosciutto

No-Cook Trail Mix Oatmeal          Tuna Salad Baguette                  Hefty Antipasti Platter

Fruit Salad With Nutella Sauce      Tuna in Tomato Cups                 Ham & Cheese Wraps

Cherry Cream Cheese & a Bagel     Roast Beef & Cheese Rollups      Roast Beef Salad

Early Morning Parfait                     Beet & Feta Salad                       Couscous Chicken Salad

Dessert:                                   Snacks:

Mini Cherry Cheescake                        The Best Trail Mix You Will Ever Eat

Strawberry Mousse                              Spice Mammoth Olives

Strawberry Angel Food Cake               Tzatziki With Pita Points

Berry-Almond Parfait                          Vegetable Plate with Go-To Dip

Peanut Butter Balls

You can mix and match these choices to your heart’s content.




4 thoughts on “What Do You Eat When The Fire Goes Out?”

  1. Very helpful post! There is always a time in camping when the fire goes out (stating the obvious) and the food you’ve mentioned sound delicious 🙂

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