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Get outside and camp this year!

Can you believe it’s March already?  As promised, our Top Ten list is here, along with our new Honorable Mention list.  We’re publishing this in March from now on, so that you have all camping season to enjoy the hints, tips and adventures that these wonderful websites feature. Don’t see your favorite camping blog or website here? Hey, drop us a line! We’ll be delighted to take a look at it and see if we can add it to the list next year! You can reach us at .


Our Top Ten Camping Blogs.

#1-sue’s outdoor crew

Sue’s website has been around for a while. Her focus used to be water adventure (canoeing/fishing) and the camping experiences that result, but now she has branched out considerably, and her subjects range from how to pack a food barrel to quinzee building (a pretty entertaining hands-on experience; once I finished reading it I wanted winter to be here so I could try it!) to hot-tent camping and her views on the winter camping community and how it helps to know about it. On Twitter, you can follow this blog at @sue_squared . 

#2—50 Campfires

50 Campfires is an online camping magazine. There is a good reason it has, as its tagline, “The Camping Authority”. This extremely interesting website has everything—camping tips, recipes, gear reviews and more. It focuses on camping throughout the U.S. and really should be checked out. Great resources.

#3—Camping For Women

What a great idea for a blog! Camping For Women is a global resource guide for women who love to camp. It addresses issues unique to a woman’s camping experience, from tips and trends to tricky things like camping alone, kids and hygiene when camping. As it says on its home page: “This site provides women all around the globe with free informative articles, tips, trends, recipes, newsletters, videos, and much more to enhance their outdoor experience.” Take a look!

#4—Camping For Foodies

This blog is on a mission to encourage people to live in the moment and enjoy nature. Their site is loaded, I mean loaded, with recipes and cooking techniques you can use when camping. They also have reviews and tips for tent and RV camping, and kid-oriented activities for families. Do NOT check out this site on an empty stomach! They now have a 3-day Dutch oven menu plan that you can access from the top menu, a huge plus in our opinion.

#5—The Outdoor Adventure

The Outdoor Adventure is here because, in addition to being experience- and information-heavy, the blog is also located in British Columbia, a personal favorite camping land of mine (okay, okay—because I live here. But it’s really camping-oriented!) This family believes in getting out and adventuring, in spite of being on a tight budget, or whether you have kids, or limited time. They focus on travelling light and on the experience.

#6—Beyond The Tent

What a great blog this is! It has a lot of info, well organized, for the camping family. How-to posts, recipes, gear and more, this blog is great for camping in the U.S. in state parks, national parks, and camp grounds. They even give you a free ebook for subscribing! (Yes, yes, I know; my freebie is coming, and I’ll send it to all my current subscribers as well so no one misses out.)

#7—Camping With Style

No proper Top Ten Camping Blogs list would be complete without this very professional and info-rich website. Its emphasis is on getting outdoors and having (or increasing) an active outdoor lifestyle. It’s loaded with news, reviews, festival and family camping, competitions and places you can stay in the U.K. So worth checking out!

#8—Camps and trails

Camps and trails is a fairly new website, but they are clearly there for the reader.  Reviews and comparisons are helpful and informative, and the site is easy to navigate.  Lots of info for the newbie as well as those who have been camping for awhile. When you check out their website, click on the Facebook or Twitter icon to help them out.  It’s a camper thing to do. You can find them on Twitter at Barry R. @campstrails.

#9-rubys On The Road

It’s so great to see Rubys On The Road on our top ten list again!  They are a website that focuses on Maine state parks and family RV camping, and their blog has a very comfortable style about it that makes you feel as if you were talking to the Rubys in person.  What you read on this site is from personal experience, so you can feel confident that what you expect at a Maine state park is what you get.  Well worth reading for a great family experience travelling in or through the state of Maine.

#10-Happiest outdoors

Welcome to a new member of our top ten!  Taryn lives in Vancouver, B.C. and her focus is on hiking and the camping that goes with it.  Her articles are interesting and informative, and international–there’s an excellent article on Australian travel and hiking. We can’t recommend this blog enough, especially if you’re a new to intermediate hiker and want to find hikes, even unusual hikes, in the Vancouver area particularly.  There’s something for everyone, though.

The Honorable Mentions.

Many of our honorable mentions are outdoor gear shops that maintain great camping blogs on their store websites, and also newcomers that have a blog that are just starting out.  All of them are worth some love and attention, though, and help the camper enhance and improve their camping experience.

#1-Alicia joy outdoors

Alicia Joy’s blog is not yet a large resource for campers, but it does have some great articles you can’t find anywhere else, from defeating cabin fever to camping and fishing.  We notice that they have in the headline menu the subjects of recipes and hunting as well, although they have not yet added articles to the pages there.  We have no doubt there will be some soon! Welcome to the world of camping blogs, Alicia; we’re looking forward to more articles on your website soon.

#2—Snowy’s Blog

Not many people in North America know of Snowy’s Blog, and they should. It’s a popular camping store in Australia, and the blog is loaded with over 300 articles of first-hand advice, ideas and reviews from the staff for hiking, camping and travel adventures. I tried to stay away from businesses that have blogs. I realize that you can find them without help. But this one bears looking into—it’s advice from personal experience.


Although they now focus heavily on their outdoor equipment store, the ManCamping Outdoor Shop maintains a highly entertaining and informative blog on their website. You can read their stuff for a laugh and learn something new every time you check it out. Their site motto is, “It’s Not A Gender Thing; It’s a State of Mind & Lack of Planning Thing.” That really does speak to the camper in all of us.

#4-Womyn Of The Woods Adventure Tours

This adventure tours website has a nice little blog, although they haven’t added to it in the last little while. Still, it’s a great resource for any woman who wants to learn or refine their camping, backpacking and kayaking skills. They offer teaching tours of same for novices and intermediate skills in eastern Ontario. We’re looking forward to more articles on their blog as the new camping season gets underway.

Do You Have An Informative Camping Blog?

If so, just drop me a line and let me know—I’ll give you a visit and leave a comment, and add you to the Top Ten Camping Blogs list! If you have a favorite camping blog I’ve missed, drop a line to let us know. When it comes to camping, you can’t have too many resources for getting outside and enjoying yourself in a tent! (Or a camper. Or a hammock. Or–well, you get my drift.)