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What concerns our readers the most?

Popular camping posts is something I’ve been considering for some time now. Camping and Hiking Ideas has been a blog for a couple of years, so when I was looking over archival content it occurred to me that there was a lot of really, really great stuff that maybe our newer readers didn’t know about. So here is a list of our top ten most popular posts, with a link to each one:

1.  The Instant Tent.

Cabin tents are roomier than dome tents, but bulkier and heavier to take camping.

Our most popular post ever was the review of three different family-sized instant tents. It still gets a lot of attention!  I think it’s because people are looking to streamline their camping experience, so that there’s more time for play and less set-up fuss.  This is especially important for families, who have double the work when camping just because they have to take care of kids when doing so.  For a single camper like me, an 8- or 10-man instant tent gives me the ability to set the thing up by myself in about fifteen minutes, with lots of room inside for comfort. A win-win all around.

2.  camping hacks that do not work, and why.

mosquito catcher bottle
This mosquito catcher doesn’t work at all.

Our second-most popular camping post was about camping hacks that don’t work.  I wrote it because I was sick of seeing these hacks all over the internet, trying them and finding out they were useless, for one reason or another. I’m debating a second one, but that’s in the future some time. Knowing what doesn’t work, and why, is often as helpful as knowing what does.

3. The Horror of a good rod.

This was a surprise to me when I looked at popularity.  It’s a post about my new fishing rod and the difference between it and the old beater I’d had for years. For some reason, the information about rods and reels, birds nests and trying to get the dang thing to cast correctly, from a beginner’s point of view, struck a chord with readers.

4. Choosing a chainsaw for camping.

A good chainsaw makes all the difference in the world.

This one didn’t surprise me at all.  It’s an interview with two very experienced chainsaw owners, and what they do to choose and take care of their chainsaws. You can’t find some of their suggestions anywhere else.  It’s good reading; not too long, but packed with usable information about selecting a chainsaw that’s right for a camper. Incidentally, we have a new article coming up where we talk to a gold-level tech who has been with Stihl for 20 years.  Should be fantastic! Check back over the next couple of weeks for that one.

5.  easy camping meals.

Good food is surprisingly easy to make while camping if you have a plan in mind.

This popular camping post garnered a great deal of appreciation from the fact that it began with a number of guidelines for creating and executing delicious meals for camp, without having to necessarily break the bank or depend on instant foods. It then gives you five suggestions each for breakfast, lunch and dinner, with recipe links to each. Not everyone likes to spend hours preparing meals at camp, but they still like to eat well-balanced, appetizing food. This teaches you how.

6. Carny bacon.

Deep-fried bacon and dipping sauce.
Camping Carny Bacon. Hog heaven.

Carny Bacon is a relatively new post, but has it ever taken off!  This top article is huge right now. When I developed this recipe it was with the intention of creating something that was sweet and salty and very self-indulgent. It’s a hit in our family, too–one particular nephew asks me to make it every few days. Because three pieces of bacon makes 12 pieces of carny bacon, it’s kind of frugal, too. Who would have guessed?

7. Dutch oven secrets.

Dutch ovens
Mastering dutch oven cooking is something you will never regret.

For campers, Dutch oven cooking is a revelation.  There’s something wonderful about this camping essential.  The article contains five secrets to successful Dutch oven cooking. Okay, there’s a bonus sixth one, too, but don’t tell anyone I told you. It’s supposed to be a surprise.

8. A Great night’s sleep while camping.

You can sleep great at night camping if you follow the guidelines in this post.

This article contains pretty much all you need to know about getting a great night’s sleep while camping. It was inspired by a comment from a busy (and fatigued) mother who hesitated to camp because she was afraid she wouldn’t be able to sleep. Well mom, (and anyone else who loves a good night’s rest) there you go!

9. Setting up a camp kitchen.

Screen tent
Screen tents are great for setting up camp kitchens in

Setting up a camp kitchen that really works is the result of much trial and error on the part of my family and friends.  We essentially took the best and discarded the rest when it came to making a great camp kitchen. This is the most popular article on setting up a camp kitchen, but if you’re looking for a camp kitchen for a crowd, click on this link.

10. recipes for when there’s no fire.

cherry cream cheese on bagel
A breakfast so good, you won’t wait for no fire as an excuse. Good for you, too.

The article, “What Do You Eat When the Fire Goes Out?” gained some attention, but not like the link in it, which leads to all the recipes for all the menu suggestions in the post.  There are five suggestions each for breakfast, lunch, dinner and dessert, and four suggestions for snacks, all prepared without a fire of any kind. I guess it’s because we’ve had a lot of fire bans this year. Either way, the food is wonderful!

I hope you take a quick look at these articles.  They have a ton of information for new and experienced campers alike. According to my analytics page, the majority of my visitors like them. I hope you do, too.

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