The MSR Dragonfly Backpack Stove–Review

Looking for a backpack stove? The MSR Backpack Stove has a lot of features hikers are looking for.  Check out the video, then the details below.


  • weighs about 395 grams (about 14 oz.)
  • dual valve design
  • multi-fuel capability–burns white gas, kerosene and unleaded auto fuel
  • self-cleaning shaker jet clean removes jet debris
  • life-time warranty

An excellent stove that boils water quickly, the MSR Dragonfly is a great addition to camping equipment, hiking gear and survival situations. It packs down small for easy stow-away and is quick and easy to set up. The shaker jet cleans most blockages by simply inverting and shaking before lighting the stove, so maintenance is easy. Price: around $110.00


  • you can turn the flame down to simmer if desired; a feature not available in many others
  • pot supports are sturdier and wider to hold larger pots as well as frying pans
  • comes with heat reflector, pump, sack, and some basic tools/maintenance items
  • with multi-fuel use it becomes a great component for disaster-preparedness kits
  • boils a litre (about 4 cups) of water in under 4 minutes


  • Fuel bottle not included with purchase
  • Noisy–has been described as “jet-engine worthy”
  • Not as light as other stoves
  • Not as durable as all-metal construction backpacking stoves
  • pump is not compatible with Whisper-lite stoves

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