Real-Life Long Weekend Camping Trip Planning

It occurred to me that campers might want to know how I prepare for a camping trip, so I’m going to document it in real-time. I learned early on that planning was half the fun. It also prevents a lot of mishaps, because I have a lot of time to think things through.  Spontaneity is wonderful, spontaneity is fresh, but spontaneity is also the reason we forget to bring the can-opener or sit under a tarp in the pouring rain with nothing to do. So forget spontaneity; you can never over-plan a camping trip.

Plan Early.

I realize that today is April the tenth, but realistically this is when I start thinking seriously about the May long weekend camping trip coming up.  There is usually anywhere from five to twenty people going, so it makes sense to start nailing down plans early. 

Now that my brother has decided to go camping, I have to find out three things:

  1. Who all is going for sure.

  2. Who is cooking for who (whom?)

  3. When is everyone actually going up to the site?

That last one is important.  We camp in the bush, but the place we like to go on the May long weekend is crown land along a logging road, with a river nearby, making it ideal camping for everyone–I mean, everyone. So we need to send up a couple of people early in the week to snag the ideal site.  Waiting for Friday means not having a decent site at all.

It turns out that my other brother Alf, his wife, daughter and grand-daughter (and friend) will probably be going up Wednesday.  So that’s great.  They’ll be staying until Sunday. My youngest brother and prime camping buddy Kim will be going up with his wife and two boys on Thursday, I think.  I’ll be bringing up the rear by going Friday.  My brothers always make sure they’ve selected two spots that are important to me in the site they choose: where I pitch my tent and where the camp kitchen is (I do a lot of the cooking). Saves me the trouble of wandering around with a beer in my hand yelling loudly, “What about here?!”

It seems that Friday night, Saturday, Sunday and Monday I will be doing virtually all the cooking. This means that the next thing I have to plan is the menu.  That will be next week’s page, and you can access it by clicking here. It will have the menu, why I chose what I chose and I will also be putting the recipes in for any dishes that aren’t here already.


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