Portable Camping Grills For Your Next Trip

grill with sausages
A portable grill is handy in all kinds of ways.

​There’s nothing like the morning of the date of the next camping trip.Whether it’s with family or friends, there’s only one thing I look forward to more than camping: and that’s cooking out on the grill. Well, okay – I definitely look forward to football season too (so that’s two things). But either way you cut it, camping is always a great time. And so is grilling. But I just never got accustomed to those camp stove contraptions. So when I was old enough to go camping on my own, me and my friends always brought along portable camping grills for our trips outdoors.

I’m telling you, those things are great!

They’re the trifecta; 1) Easily portable, which makes them great for camping, beach cookouts, tailgating, etc.  2) Inexpensive, which is always a good thing and 3) Surprisingly durable, as proper care and maintenance will ensure that any of these grills will follow you on camping trips for years to come.


Let’s take a look at three quality portable camping grills:


Meco Charcoal Grill

The only drawback to this bad boy is having to assemble it. The instructions are not the best, but don’t let that fool you…this is a good grill. Ok, it’s not exactly a ‘portable grill’, but I’ve stuffed it in the trunk of more than one minivan and pickup truck and it cooked great afterwards. Honestly, after a few uses, the paint may chip, but the food will still taste good from it. As one wise man put it “if you can cook, this is all you need.” And if you don’t mind rigging up some room for it, this is my recommendation.

 Char-Broil Tabletop

I like Char-Broil’s products. In fact, my backyard grill is a Char-Broil, so you can’t lose with this grill. This tabletop is great for the standard grilling, since it has 187 square inches of cooking surface to it. You can fit close to a dozen burgers or pieces of chicken on there. Just be advised that since the coals are so close to the grates, the food is gonna cook really fast. And when you’re done, just let that baby burn out (unless you’re willing to douse the fire and then cleanup).All-in-all, a great addition for your trips.

 Cuisinart Grill

What? A Cuisinart? I know when I thought of Cuisinart, the first thing that came to mind was a blender (not a grill)! But don’t hold that against them, as they make a great grill. It is a very quality product – in fact, I know of real people that use it as their daily griller. It’s that good. Honestly, it is a little pricey, but its quality is the best. I personally love the temperature gauge built into the top, so you know exactly how hot you’ve got your fire. And it easily fits into the trunk of any car at your convenience. A top notch option for your next camping trip.

Not only is going camping with your loved ones a lot of fun, but so is the time spent cooking out. And a fine quality grill definitely adds to the experience. Now that we’ve reviewed three portable camping grills that will help you enjoy your trip, just know that any one you choose will give you exactly what you want – a good grilling experience with a simple cleanup.  And they travel great! If only everything in life were this simple.

This article was written by Otis, owner and creator of Cookout Everyday (www.cookouteveryday.com), your go-to site for everthing related to outdoor grills and outdoor cooking. Otis kindly wrote this guest post for this website, and I am most grateful.


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