Pocket Chainsaws

What is a Pocket Chainsaw?

What is a pocket chainsaw? Literally just that–a saw chain with loops or handles on each end that can fold up into a small container or survival pack. Some popular brands are The Unbelievable Saw, Pocket Chainsaw, The Supreme Pocket Chainsaw, and The SaberCut Saw. They’re also known as manual chainsaws or survival chainsaws.

Why would I want one?

They are ideal for any situation where you may not have or be able to use a standard chainsaw, saw or axe. They’re also lightweight (weighing in around 5 or 6 oz.) and can be used not only for camping, hiking and survival situations, but for pruning high limbs off trees. They are so compact it would be foolish not to have this as a back-up tool in your camping pack.

What should I look for when purchasing a pocket chainsaw?

Look for one that has the option of loops or handles–the handles are needed for larger pieces of wood. Loops will allow you to pull with your arms instead of your hands when they get tired. Also look for actual saw chain instead of wood-saw teeth, which can be fragile. The metal should be high strength, heat-treated steel and the teeth should be bi-directional, so you’re cutting with every back-and-forth movement.


Most pocket chainsaws run about 10 to 40 dollars, depending on the make, model and features. Generally, the higher the quality, the more it costs, but this isn’t always true. Check out your choices by reading reviews on them. Users will tell you if the one you want is worth the money you pay. Sometimes you can get a great deal on one, too!  Look for camping discount stores and check the classifieds.

How do the different brands compare?

Funny you should ask! Find out here.

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2 thoughts on “Pocket Chainsaws”

  1. Thanks for the content – I’ve done some hiking and camping – its limited to once or twice a summer – usually out of a car or truck – as GET older the trials are less steep and the journey is shorter – but I was interested in pock chain saw – thanks for the pictures and information – Roger

    1. Pocket chainsaws are pretty interesting tools, and handy for the reasons mentioned. I would recommend them over wire saws any day. Wire saws are very time- and energy-consuming to use. The little tiny bit of extra room (and I do mean tiny) that pocket chainsaws take up over wire saws is well worth it.

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