Pocket Chainsaws Review

pocket chainsaw
Chainmate survival saw

Pocket chainsaws are just about the handiest idea to come along for campers and hikers since the invention of the backpack. They are light, easy to pack away and come in handy for emergencies, or when the chainsaw quits on you, or if you just want to leave the gas-powered chainsaw at home. Here are a few to consider if you decide to buy one.

The Sportsman Pocket Chainsaw:

Very popular with a satisfied customer rating of 79% giving it 5/5 on Amazon.com. A 36″ chain, bi-directional self-cleaning chain and comes with a 100% guarantee. Nice and light, 4.8 ounces. Comes with its own carrying pouch. Extremely popular on Amazon.

Another one worth looking at is the Pocket Chainsaw by SOS Gear.

It has bi-way directional cutting teeth and cuts smoothly with little binding at the end and also weighs in at around 5 oz. Made of heat-treated high strength carbon alloy and steel.A great little saw that comes in 24- and 36-inch lengths. Good for cutting small to medium thickness branches.Keep the little plastic bag so that you can keep the chain oiled and it won’t stain the camo pocket. About thirteen to eighteen dollars, depending on the length you choose.

Number three on the list is the Croc Pocket Chainsaw.

The Croc claims to cut three times faster than other pocket chainsaws. I don’t know about that, but it does do an impressive job. There can be a little kinking with the S hook that connects the handle to the chain, but careful use keeps that to a minimum. Twenty inch chain, twenty-two dollars. Very popular chainsaw.

Last and probably the general favorite is The SaberCut Saw.

It has those great bi-directional, self-cleaning teeth–in other words, it looks like a real chainsaw chain. It runs about twenty dollars and unlike most other pocket chainsaws, can be sharpened with a standard chain sharpening kit. The webbing handles are large enough loops that you can cut wood with gloves on, a big plus when winter camping or on any cold day year-round. The cut is wider and deeper, too.


Hope this info helps in your decision-making process!

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