Outdoor Camping Gadgets

Campers and hikers love gadgets. We love them! Below are some fabulous outdoor camping gadgets. These aren’t necessarily necessary; but you are going to want them!

  1. The Eton Scorpion am-fm radio

Has an NOAA weatherband and a port to charge your smartphone. It has a solar panel to charge the internal battery. Runs about $55.00 Available at Amazon.com.


2. The Handpresso Outdoor Espresso Maker

What does it mean? It means that you can have your espresso in the easy possible way when camping. It’s 10.2 inches long, comes with a carrying case, and weighs less than four pounds. Just add hot water and you’ll be sipping high quality espresso while you listen to the birds sing. Luxury is not cheap–$129.00 at Amazon.com .


3. For hikers, the Jetboil Flash Cooking system

It gives you two cups of boiling water with the click of a button. Safe to use and easy to pack–burner and cooking container in one, which packs into the 1-liter cooking cup. You’ll have hot chocolate, coffee, instant soup or gourmet dehydrated meals in literally minutes. Eighty to a hundred dollars, depending on sale prices.


4. The Gearline Organization System

This is a sweet little solution to where to put stuff when you camp. It hangs anywhere and comes with alternating sizes of carbiner clips along with reusable gearline twist ties on each end to hang anything you might want, anywhere. Runs about 12 to 20 dollars, depending on the size you want.

5. The Selk’Bag 4G Lite +45 Synthetic Sleeping Bag Shadow LG

You have to look at this. It’s a sleeping bag! the Selk’Bag 4G Lite +45 Synthetic Sleeping Bag Shadow LG.  Never again will a piece of your anatomy freeze because it was sticking out of your sleeping bag! Available at Amazon.com for $59.95 Comes in different sizes, so prices can vary, but the little ones can be Spiderman or Ironman! (Grownups get to be a Storm Trooper if they want)

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