Nab Campsite Cancellations With This App

Eric Shelkie and Family at Kettle Valley
Eric Shelkie and his family (pictured here at Kettle Valley) love camping. Frustration with camping reservations led to Campnab, a camping app that lets you snag cancellations at sold-out campsites.

There is nothing more frustrating than deciding to go on a camping trip for the long weekend, only to find that all the sites have been taken already.  Everywhere.  You then find yourself faced with two choices—forget camping at a proper campsite, or sit in front of your computer refreshing the page of your campsite’s reservation page over and over again in the hopes that there will be a cancellation you can jump on. It’s a good idea—many people have found a site at the last minute because of a cancellation.  But what a colossal time-consuming effort that can be!

Fortunately, there is an app for that.

Enter Campnab.

Campnab is an app that does the scanning of all your favorite campsites for you.  When an opening pops up, Campnab notifies you so you can go to the campsite’s reservation page and make the reservation.

The app is the brainchild of two Erics—Eric Karjualoto and Eric Shelkie, Vancouverites who also happen to be partners in SmashLAB, a creative design agency that deals in digital services. ( They design and build web applications, platforms and communities for businesses.

Campnab coding
When Erik Shelkie needed a camping app for snagging cancelled reservations on campsites, he wasted no time. Here is some of his coding that he created at a pub, while camping!

Shelkie wanted to use a camper van he bought, to go camping with his family. That’s when he discovered just how hard it was to book a campsite unless it’s done months in advance. He decided to create an app to help ease the frustration. With help from partner Eric Karjualoto, they created an app and designed a website interface and presented Campnab to an eager public.

How it Works.

The public embraced the idea of being notified when a camping reservation opening showed up, instead of sitting at a computer on the Discover Camping website, hitting the refresh button over and over again and hoping a cancellation appeared. The app takes advantage of the fact that a large number of camp grounds usually have last-minute cancellations. Campnab then sends the would-be camper a notification that lets them know a site has opened up for where and when they have specified. The camper can then reserve online at the campsite’s website.

Depending on the type of search you want and the frequency you choose for the Campnab app to scan the chosen spots and dates, the search will cost you between $10 to $20 dollars. Campgrounds seem happy with the idea, too–no more campsites sitting empty due to last minute cancellations.

The Camping App is Growing Fast.

The popularity of the app can be seen in its growth. Campnab started in B.C., but can now also scan parks in Ontario, Canadian and U.S. National Parks, Washington State, Oregon, and California; as well as those managed by (America).

Campnab has a really great Q & A that answers any questions you may have about the app. You can access the site, and the Q & A, here.

And now for the really, really fabulous news:

Want to try the app for free?  Camping and Hiking Ideas has a free giveaway! Click here for details.

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