May Long Weekend Part 2–Vegetarians!

Vegetarians and the May long weekend–not a combination I was looking forward to.

You can see part one by clicking here.

Recipes for the meals mentioned in this post can be had by clicking here.

A few days ago I promised you the menu, and that is coming up in a few days.  In the meantime, though, I thought I would let you know about something I’ve not had to deal with before–a separate menu for vegetarians.

Vegetarians are coming.

broccoli soup
Broccoli Soup

This doesn’t fill me with dread exactly, but the fact is I have not had to cook for vegetarians, and I found out my favorite niece and her friend are coming, neither of which eat meat.  In addition, she doesn’t like eggs and he doesn’t like cheese, so I need to keep those dietary considerations in mind as well. I could foist it off on her mom or grandmom, but the fact is that I admire people who adopt a vegetarian lifestyle.  They are health-conscious and no animals have to die for them to be fed, so what’s not to like?

I found out that because I will be showing up a day later and they will be leaving a day earlier that I won’t be doing most of the cooking after all.  In fact, I will only be cooking for absolutely everyone on Saturday and the morning of Sunday, after which the group will be thinned out somewhat. So the meals for my favorite niece and her friend will not be a three or four day thing.

I started out by doing some research–asking what kinds of foods she eats and if there were any she didn’t like (done and done), and then I began looking for recipes I could adapt for camping that weren’t just chili or stir-fry, although components of both are in a couple of the meals.  I don’t make lunches when I camp–I prefer to put out a selection of constantly-refreshed food items between the first and last meal of the day. You’ll see it after the first breakfast. Here is their menu:


Breakfast: Eggless French Toast, fruit salad, orange-baked muffins, hash browns

Snacks/Lunch: Spicy olives, tapenade and baguettes, nacho supreme (veg for them, regular for the rest). Also pizza pull-apart bread, vegetable plate, chips, pretzels, etc.

Dinner:  Super Protein Burger with avocado crema and/or red pepper crema; home made French fries. I will also have a Steamed and Stir-fried Veggie Feast with soba noodles and tofu. That’s just in case they don’t want the veggie burger.


Breakfast: Vegetable omelette (tofu scramble for the egg-dislike), home made muffins, fruit compote

Snacks/Lunch: As before

–No dinner, because they will be leaving for home Sunday early afternoon.  We’re staying until Monday, though, and the menu for us meat-eaters will be posted Tuesday (April 21)

You can see all the recipes for this menu by clicking here.

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