May Long Weekend Menu–Omnivore Edition

Last week I published the Vegetarian menu along with a link to get to the recipes for it.  Today I am going to announce the menu for the rest of us, and at some point this week the recipes will be up as well for you to see.

Itinerary :

I won’t be going up until Friday afternoon (everyone else will be there Thursday), so I’ll probably be rolling into the camp site at about 5:00 p.m. or so.  With that in mind, and with the fact that I, my friends and my family generally consider me chief cook and bottle washer when camping, coupled with the fact that getting there at five p.m. in no way diminishes that expectation, I’ll be bringing dinner with me.  I’ve long been a proponent of having a kind of instant dinner ready to go for the day we set up tents, so for this Friday it will be vegetarian chili.

I’ll also take along vegetarian smokies and regular smokies, plus all the fixings for said hot dog deliciousness, and then all I have to do is warm up the chili and set everything out.  Everyone can make their own chili-dogs and cook the smokies over the fire. Easy-peasy lemon-squeezy, as my family likes to say.

Saturday will be as follows:

Breakfast: Eggless French Toast, Bacon and Eggs, Fruit Salad, Orange Muffins.

Lunch/Snacks: Nachos Supreme, Spicy Olives, Tapenade and Baguette, Scotch Eggs, Bacon-Pancake Dippers, Pull-apart Pizza Bread (We always put out a never-ending, constantly refreshed supply of snackables instead of actually serving lunch)

Dinner: BBQ Pot Ribs, Potato Salad, Corn on the Cob, Vegetable Plate



Breakfast: Steak and Eggs, Salsa Hashbrowns, Bran Muffins

Lunch/Snacks: See Saturday menu

Dinner: Spatchcock Almond-Orange Chicken, Brown and Wild Herb Rice, Salad



Breakfast: Leftovers Frittata (also known as Farmer’s Pancake), Cinnamon Buns

Lunch/Snacks: See Saturday menu.


So that’s the menu, folks–recipes and all.   They are surprisingly easy to make, and are great for feeding a few or a crowd.  We’re going to have about ten people, I think, not counting the vegetarians. The menus are designed to accommodate that many people. I can also cut it down if there are some who decide they’re not coming. That rarely happens, though.


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