The Longest Hiking Trail In The World

Trans Canada Trail
The Trans Canada Trail is also known as The Great Trail.

The Trans Canada Trail–purported to be the longest hiking trail in the world. Also known as the Great Trail, This recreational hiking trail is still being created; the goal is to have an unbroken trail that goes through every province and territory in Canada. As of this week, the trail is 93% connected.

Some interesting facts.

You can’t do the entire (so far) 22,000 km (13,670.1 miles) just by walking.  The trail is designed to be traversed by walking/hiking, cycling, horseback riding, paddling, cross-country skiing and snowmobiling. Since about 80% of Canadians live within a half hour of some part of the Great trail, it’s easily accessible by nearly everyone. Once it’s all connected, there will be 23,864 km (14,828.4 miles) to conquer.

They have an app for that.

They now have a mobile app that enables you to access the entire trail and find out about every area, download maps and plan your hiking trip. It’s available for IOS or android phones. Hopefully we’ll be providing a link to them soon, but if you can’t wait (and why should you), you can access the app through Apple.

The latest part of the trail to link up.

The very first province to link up all parts of the trail in their province was Newfoundland/Labrador (Go Newfoundlanders!). The latest link, though, is the Chief Isador Trail, which goes from Cranbrook to Wardner, in British Columbia. This is a beautiful destination trail, and by the looks of the video and photos, it’s going to be one of the more popular sections of the Great Trail to hike.

So get out there! Put your hiking shoes on. Grab your backpack. Download the app. Upload photos on it. Take some more photos for the album. And learn what if really means to be part of the great outdoors, by hiking the Great Trail.

Trans Canada hiking trail
Get out and hike.


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