Kids and Camping–A Natural Match

Kids and camping to hand in hand. Kids belong in nature.  They roar

Get them out into nature

through it, discover it, wonder at it, and use it in amazing ways.  Any parent that takes their kids camping should be commended.  When you see kids out in the woods or by a river or on a beach, you can tell they feel better about everything.  Life is good.

Now science is telling us that there are other benefits as well.

It may actually change our brains for the better, reducing stress, increasing our attention span, and improving our ability to create and to connect with other people. What this means is that by taking our kids camping, we’re giving them pathways to success and happiness, to some extent. Focused, creative kids do better in school.  So do kids who can connect with people.

There are more benefits than that, though.

Getting out in nature helps kids and grownups alike see a larger picture. It can help put problems in perspective and give one some relief from day-to-day stresses. Kids and adults are introduced to things they don’t see in cities; animals in nature, and beautiful plants and flowers.  Seeing beauty has always had a beneficial effect on people.  When we see beautiful things, we want to act in a way that reflects beauty on some level. That’s because beauty makes us happy. There have been studies done on what happiness can do for us. Quite simply, it makes us better people.

Give ’em a nudge.

Sometimes kids don’t want to do things.  Even when they go camping, you can sometimes see the gamer kid sitting in his camp chair, bored because you didn’t let him bring his Nintendo 3DS.  Most of the time, it’s because he or she doesn’t know what to do. So arm yourself with a list of suggestions. Get them to pick one, and if it involves you, don’t beg off. Get that jar and that bug net and go on that hike. Because when you do, you’re helping them get better grades, be better people and make happy memories about you.

And we all want that for our kids, don’t we?

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