How To Search For The Best Camping Flashlight

cartoon image of camper with flashlight
A camping flashlight makes everything so much easier.

Anyone who goes camping with any regularity is certainly familiar with all the gear normally required. Sometimes, even forgetting just one item can make a difference. Let me ask you though, is a flashlight among your itinerary? If so, is it the one your grandfather took on his hike up the Himalayas in 1942? Not that that’s not a keeper, but you might benefit from something more modern. So now, here’s how to search for the best camping flashlight.

Camping at night has its charms which might include ghost stories by a flickering fire. This can lead to fearful dreams, and if a sudden awakening occurs at 2 A.M., a multi-functional flashlight with variable brightness and signaling capabilities, will undoubtedly ease the mind of the trembling camper.

In pitch black, even the lowest amount of light will look bright. Within the interior of a tent, (or even a motor-home/RV) a light with as little as five to ten lumens will be enough to search through a backpack, a sleeping bag or anything within a ten foot range. Once you step out into the wilderness, you’ll need to crank that sucker up!


Most LED flashlights produced today have no less than three lighting modes. Depending on battery type used, brightness on their highest setting will range anywhere from 200 lumens, all the way up to 900 lumens!

Obviously the brighter the flashlight you have, the more intimidating you’ll be to any unwanted  visitors, whether they’re human or animal! Seeking out the best camping flashlight is ultimately achieved by knowing your circumstances ahead of time. As an example, pictured below, is a NITECORE MT21A flashlight. Its fuel is two AA batteries, or the rechargeable equivalent. All lights these days use a CREE LED as the source of light. The MT21A has an “XP-E2” LED with an advertised throw of over 200 yards! This will be a more concentrated beam than what you’ll find on lights using a CREE “XM-L” LED, which typically produce a very floodlight-type beam with a wide spill area. They would make up in coverage, what this light will produce in distance.


Using Lithium-ion batteries, your choices of lights becomes far greater. Pictured next is a NITECORE P16.

This uses lithium batteries, shines over 900 lumens, uses an XM-L2 LED, AND throws its beam almost 300 meters!

These two flashlights are fine examples of the variety and choices you face, when looking to buy the best camping flashlight, and are being used for the purposes of illustration only.

The best advice is to shop with an open mind. Most lights today are not much longer than 6”.  They come equipped with a pocket clip and a belt holster and will fit snuggly with the rest of your apparel. Most lights are also completely submersible and will withstand ANY and all conditions related to weather and terrain. Safety features such as SOS and strobe are common place as well.

With the right LED flashlight, your next camping adventure can be taken to a new level of confidence and safety.

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