How To Chop Wood With Style

Do you chop wood for your campsite?


I had to put this in because in my opinion this guy would be the one you want at a campsite. There are just some people out there who know how to live with flair.  This guy is one of them.

What’s Your Super Power?

You would think style wouldn’t be a point of interest when camping, but I’m telling you it is.  It’s amazing how it becomes the story you tell your friends when you get back home.  All it takes is for you to do one impressive thing.  It can be anything!  Maybe you can heat a hot dog using a potato chip can. Or perhaps you can play croquet different from anything they’ve ever seen. You may even know how to build a fire in the snow or mud. Whatever it is, don’t be afraid to flaunt that super power!

Some people prefer faster methods for chopping wood. Are you one of them?  Is it a chainsaw you prefer, instead of an axe?  There are some great ones out there.

Are there any other videos out there that impress you with their camping pizzazz? Any ideas yourself? Let me know. There is an “Add Comment” at the bottom of this page. I’d love to hear from you.


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