Geocaching and Camping–A Match Made in Heaven

What is Geocaching?

geocasche box
Picture of a geocache find.

Geocaching is a phenomenon that started over a decade ago. It combines two terms–“geo” from the greek term meaning  “earth” and “cache” from the French term “cacher”, to hide. “cache” also has a modern meaning, that of data stored on a computer. All this makes it a very appropriate word for the hobby it represents.

Geocaching is an activity where the goal is to find hidden containers (called “geocaches”) that will have items in it. You can take one item and put one of your own in place of it of equal or greater value. The geocache will usually also have a logbook you can sign. You generally locate a geocache using GPS coordinates and clues.

Where to Find A Geocache

Treasure is hidden in caches all over the world. You would be shocked at how many you can find within a radius of a few miles of your own home. They are hidden in urban areas, parks, hiking trails and the wide-open spaces. That means no matter where  you are, you can geocache!

Each geocache has it’s own “difficulty” rating so you can pick easier ones until you gain a little experience. The hobby/game/sport is almost instantly addictive. It’s relatively cheap to get into–some geocaches rely on clues only–and can be a single-person or family outing, so it’s great for anyone.

Your best bet is to log on to where you will find all the help and information you need to start geocaching right away. Once you have a couple under your belt, select a geocache in an area you want to camp in. Then incorporate it into your camping trip.

The great thing about this activity is that you can get anyone who is interested in it, involved. Don’t forget to take pictures, and don’t forget to log on to to record your trip!

We’d love to hear about your adventure as well. Leave a comment or question for others to enjoy!

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