Now What Do I Do? I Forgot My Tent!

Actually, this happened to my youngest brother when we went camping one weekend. We pack a lot of gear in. That weekend we were going to spit-roast a turkey and make the traditional dinner with all the fixings. I guess in the general rush he just forgot to add his tent to the pile.

Before I even had a chance to get upset for him, he shrugged and smiled and set to work. Within a half hour he had a tent set up; made out of rope, a couple of tent pegs, and a tarp, it was about as simple as you could get, but he was very satisfied with it.

I not only learned what to do if I ever forgot my tent, I learned the kind of attitude that makes or breaks a camping trip.

So for all of you campers out there, here is what To do:

Step One:  String rope from two trees

and lay a tarp over it as if you were

hanging it out to dry.




Step Two: Fold one third underneath.

This will be the floor of your tent.





Step Three: Notice that on one side,

the grommets meet up. Stake  the

matching grommets at both ends.




Step Four: On the other side, thread a rope was

end to end, and make a loop made at each

end. Stake out both ends and pull

the other side of the tent straight.



Step Five: Get some sturdy sticks.

They need to be a bit taller than the

peak of the tent, and each needs to be

forked at one end. A machete trims it



Step Six: Place a forked stick at each

end of the tent, to lift the main rope up higher.

This fixes the sag in the middle.






Put a forked stick at the other end:

A forked stick is handy because you can hook the end of the tent rope around it. You can also loop the string or rope around the one tied to the tree.  This gives you the opportunity to adjust either one without having to tie and untie everything.







Here is the completed tent without the flaps, which he made with two garbage bags opened up. I filled up my camera’s memory so I couldn’t get a last picture for you with those garbage bags–sorry about that.

He used a little duct tape to keep the garbage bag end flaps in place, leaving one side free on one end to get in and out of. And that was his tent for the weekend. He was quite comfortable–his sleeping bag and air mattress fit just perfectly–and he even had enough room for his tote. It turned out to be one of the nicest weekends all of us ever spent camping, and I will forever be grateful for the lesson in attitude.








7 thoughts on “Now What Do I Do? I Forgot My Tent!”

  1. Wow this is actually really cool!
    … once we forgot the tent so we just ended up sleeping in the car which wasn’t fun but this idea is great!

    Thanks for sharing!

    1. Sleeping in the car is what I would have done, as well. But you can bet when my brother made that tent that I filed it away under “cool solutions for exigencies” in my camping brain. Thanks for commenting!

  2. Impressive! I always loved camping, and I can’t imagine I would have been so resourceful had I ever forgotten my tent. That was quite the conundrum, and quite the solution! Thanks for sharing that great story and pics to match. =)

    1. Thanks for commenting, Rachael! I know, I doubt I ever would have thought of it myself, but my brother, he’s such an idea guy. It was a great solution and a great life lesson, as well.

  3. That is great, and I love that he didn’t get upset and just got to work. On a dare from friends once while camping out I built a lean-to. Just using wood from around the area. They all laughed at me all day long, but during the wee hours of the night while they were shivering in their tent, I was as warm as could be in my little shelter.

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