Forget The Other Fire-Starter–Take This Instead

This my friends is my favorite toy.

It’s kind of hard to find now, although last I checked it was still available at Canadian Tire.  It’s from Coleman, and it’s a fire starter; in fact, it’s just about the handiest little thing you could ever hope to use at a camp site. If you are in the U.S. and want to order a propane fire starter from Amazon, you can click on this image:

This one is pricier, but has more options:

Whichever one you choose, it’s super easy to use; just screw it on to the top of your small propane tank.  It has a knob at the top that I never really trusted, because I’m weird that way; I just put my hand at the end of the wand to see if the propane is blowing out.

Then just light a match or a piece of paper under your wood.  You only need the fire to continue for as long as it takes to place the wand near it, and the fire just bursts up! You have to leave it there until the wood catches, but you can prop the tank in a safe manner and go about out business for the few minutes it takes to do that. When you remove the wand the fire extinguishes from the end of the wand automatically.  Don’t forget to turn it off, though, or you’ll waste your propane.

This started the fire in the morning as well as some and better than most other methods I’ve tried.  So easy! The nice think about it is that if you have a small propane tank you don’t need to pack fire starter–although I do. Always.  Never trust nature or circumstances, I always say.

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