Fixed Blade Knives–4″ blade

A good camping knife isn’t hard to find. The problem lies in selecting which one you want. Below is a quick comparison of three very good camping knives with similar blade length:

The Gerber Profile


Perhaps the biggest bang for your buck, the Gerber Myth drop-blade is the perfect Gerber Myth fixed blade pro knife“first knife” for campers, hunters and hikers. It’s overall length is 8.5″ and it weighs 4.7 oz., has a non-slip, soft rubberized handle (important when hands are wet) and will do just about anything you can throw at it–cut bait, skin game, or whittle a stick. It’s titanium-coated steel blade holds a nice sharp edge and when it does get dull it sharpens up nicely. It comes with a hard plastic sheath that has a built-in sharpener, for around forty bucks.

The Buck Knives 102 Woodsman

Buck knife
The Buck 102 Woodsman fixed blade knife

The 102 Woodsman is a clip point with a 420HC steel clip blade. It retains an edge well and iscorrosion resistant.  Its 7 3/4″ overall, with a 4″ blade, making the handle a bit cramped if you have large hands, but the blade is razor-sharp and sharpens up easily. It does get a little slippery when it gets bloody skinning or dressing game, but otherwise a great all-purpose camp knife. Comes with a phenolic (resin) handle and a well-made leather sheath. This baby will run you about $38.00 to $40.00, reasonably priced and good value for money. An extremely popular blade.

The Ka-Bar Short Becker

This is another clip point knife. Its blade is made of easily-sharpened carbon-steel. This

Short Becker Clip Point

blade is a little longer–4 3/8″–and has a Zytel polymer handle to withstand years of use and abuse. Overall length is 9 1/4″ and it’s light–about 6.4 ounces. Perfect for pack and to carry on your belt, and comes with a Cordura© sheath, a nylon material popular with the military and sports and hunting enthusiasts for it’s durability. The Short Becker is a real little beauty, but you pay for it–with the extra set of handles it runs you around $115.00.

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