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Campnab wants to get the word out about their great little camping app, so they are sponsoring a free giveaway here at Camping and Hiking Ideas.

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It’s a great way to try the Campnab  camping app without paying a penny to do so.

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Your email address is safe with us, too. We don’t sell out to anyone.  Nor do we send emails full of sales pitches to get you spend money.  Now and then we might recommend a product, but that is a rare occurrence. In fact, we haven’t done that yet, because we usually do a review about a product and publish it here on our website.

On  Friday, June 1, 2018, we will be selecting five newsletter subscribers to try the Campnab camping app, and will be sending the happy campers a promo code for a free scan at Campnab.com along with details on how to use it (super easy to use). Camping and Hiking Ideas will also post a list of the five winners. It will be here at the website as of Tuesday, June 5, 2018.

Want to check out their Q & A? Here you go: https://campnab.com/r/k37ksx

Hurry–newsletter sign-up for the free giveaway ends June 1. We want you to have all summer to try that app!

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