Camp Stove Review–Coleman Bottle Top Stove

Coleman stove
The Bottle Top Single Burner Coleman Stove, with an 8″ frying pan on top.

I’ve had the Coleman Bottle Top Stove for a few months now.  Time for a review!  As small, one-burner stoves go, this propane stove is pretty much what you would expect from Coleman. It’s compact, break-down design is great for short camping and hiking trips and the base it comes with makes it very stable; important when your middle part is a propane bottle. The burner portion is a nice size, too; it accomodates an 8″ pot or pan base comfortably.


camping stove burner
Wind baffles around a generous flame area creates and keeps BTU at 10,000 when on high
  • Larger cooking base accommodates a wide variety of pots and pans
  • Shape of cooking ring creates wind baffles that keeps the flame burning steady
  • Great for emergency cooking at home if the power goes out!
  • Says it’s for 8″ cooking pans but 12″ is very stable as well
  • Burns at 10,000 BTU (which is hot) on high.
  • Adjustable burner


  • Total weight, including propane bottle, is 3 1/2 lbs. which makes it heavy for long hiking
    burner to be used outside
    This is a propane cooking stove. It needs to be used outside or with great ventilation, and cannot be left on. Risk of carbon monoxide poisoning if used unsafely.


  • Can’t be used inside without a lot of ventilation–puts out carbon monoxide, so any long cooking sessions need to be outdoors
  • Temperature control nob can be finicky at first until you get used to it.
  • Needs a lower “low” flame setting.  Low puts out a lot of heat, which is fine but uses up the propane faster than it would if it had a lower setting
  • Size makes it bulky for putting in backpacks; not good for long hiking or biking trips.

last thoughts.

This burner actually accommodated a 12″ cast iron frying pan, but I wouldn’t recommend such a thing for regular use.  That kind of weight makes it unstable.  Still, it’s nice to know that if you have no other option you can cook food using a large heavy pan. Just be careful.

Once it is all put together, it stands tall at twelve and three-quarter inches (32.5 centimeters).

Comes with a 3-year limited warranty.

At around $35.00, you can’t really go wrong with this stove.  It’s a great little camping product and a handy emergency stove. As long as you have standard propane bottles you’ll always have a way to heat and cook stuff. I’ll probably keep it handy for emergencies at home if the power fails, and will for sure take it camping, even when there’s lots of us.  You can always use another burner when everyone wants food!

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