Camping Essentials–Fixed Blade Camping Knife

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Your camping knife should look like it’s for camping, not for a member of the Black Watch.

One of the most important camping essentials you can purchase is afixed-blade knife.  From whittling wood to field-dressing a deer, that knife on your belt can be a constant source of joy or a huge disappointment.

but how do you choose a camping knife, with the sheer volume of knives that are available? Here are some quick tips:

take a moment to decide what your knife will actually be doing.

Are you just going to do a little carving of sticks or grilled steaks? Or will your knife be a real worker, in use for hunting, fishing and camping?  Invest in a good knife no matter what, and invest more money if you want your knife to do more. Once you decide how hard-working your knife is going to be, follow these guidelines to narrow down the field.

Begin By taking a look at fixed blade knives that are, you know, carriable.

“Carriable” sounds odd but trust me, it’s a real word. Begin by looking at4″ blades.  Go to camping and hunting stores and actually feel the knife in your hand, how it balances, whether or not it’s something you’d be comfortable not only using but carrying on your belt. A huge knife like Crocodile Dundee (I know I’m dating myself) carries may be impressive, but it’s not going to be something the average camper can use or even want. Start with 4″ blades, the size most campers and hunters use. Go from there, if you want.  But a 4″ fixed blade will do everything you want it to. Promise. Here a few you can look at if you need a starting point.

Use online research as a starting point, but go further.

There is nothing like online research!  You can quickly get an idea of what you want, what you have to pay, and what others think about certain brands.  But if you possibly can, ask someone you know about their knife. What they like about it. What they don’t. What they would choose as a knife next.  Trust me, campers are eager to talk about their essential gear. They love their knives!  Once you get one for camping, you will too–if you do your homework.

Do you have a camping knife? What kind is it? Where did you get it? Share your expertise with our readers by commenting below!

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