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An activities index has become necessary here!

There are more things to do while camping than there is time to do them.  Many of these pursuits are necessary, and even more are just plain fun to do. Below you will find articles on both kinds.

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10 Top Camping Blogs

Activities At the Campsite

Campsite Kids–Cool Things For Them To Try

Camping With Dogs–Advice From Expert Campers

Dress Right For Winter Camping

Don’t Let The Rain Stop You


Harpo’s Croquet

Our Ten Most Popular Camping Posts

Playdough Recipes

Quilt Vs. Sleeping Bag For Hikers; A Comparison

Selecting a Rod For Ice Fishing

Setting Up Camp in the Pouring Rain

Urban Hiking

What Is Your Camping Name?

Winter Camping Tips

Winter Hiking

2 thoughts on “Index For Camping and Hiking Activities”

  1. Awesome website! I wish I had access to this information back in our camping days. Fortunately though, it is here for new campers/hikers. I have always been partial to Coleman products.

    1. Me, too. It’s not just that Coleman is a good product, which it mostly is. I think it’s also that if something breaks down, Coleman is everywhere and you can find parts for whatever went on the item. Also, I’ve had Coleman as long as I’ve been camping, so it’s almost like an integral part of our family.

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