Boil Water in a Plastic Bottle

plastic bottles
You can boil water in a plastic bottle!

I know it sounds weird, but you can boil water in a plastic bottle.  Here’s what to do:

  1. Select a plastic bottle and go to the nearest stream or lake (or mud puddle in the event of an emergency)
  2. Fill the bottle with water so that there are no air bubbles in it (an air bubble will create a pocket of air to super heat and melt the plastic. Make sure the water “mounds” at the top of the bottle opening.
  3. Fill bottle cap with water and in one fluid (heh-heh) motion place the cap on the bottle, twisting closed while squeezing the bottle gently, so that a little bit of the water flows from the bottle as you are tightening the cap.
  4. Check to make sure there are no air bubbles by turning the bottle upside down. If there are you have to start again. There must be no air bubbles in the bottle.
  5. As a protection to the plastic cap, wrap some triple-thickness tinfoil around the top of the bottle and press it tightly to the shape of the cap and neck-top of the bottle.
  6. The cool bit:

    Place the bottle in the fire in among the coals, right side up, so that it won’t tip over. Leave it there for a few minutes; 5-10 will do. The water in the bottle will absorb the heat so the plastic won’t melt, but it will boil the water–you’ll see little tiny bubbles rising to the top. Take the bottle out and let it sit for a minute, then use a towel or gloves to carefully remove the foil and bottle cap.

  7. Make a hot drink and savor the glory of man triumphing over the laws of nature.

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