The Best Trail Mix You Will Ever Eat

Trail mix
The best trail mix you will ever eat.

I know–like me, you’ve probably heard “the best” more times than you can count.  But man, this is–really is–the best trail mix I have ever eaten–and my co-campers will agree.

I first began to believe that when my brother came camping with us, and I set a huge bowl of the trail mix out for everyone to enjoy. I swear, except for breakfast, all he ate was the trial mix. The healthy, nutritious trail mix.

For three days.

I knew it was good, though. And I’m going to be straightforward here–it is expensive for budget followers.  The recipe runs me about forty dollars when I buy bulk, for about 10 cups of trail mix. But that’s because it’s not expanded with fillers like pretzel sticks and chex mix and candies.  This mix is pure dried fruit and nuts and seeds. If you go camping, this will sustain you absolutely. You’ll need greens and citrus maybe (maybe), but you are good to go for energy. My family will not eat trail mix unless it’s this recipe:

1/2 cup each:

Roasted, salted peanuts; cashews, plus macadamia nuts, also walnuts, then almonds and finally shelled sunflower seeds. Add a little more of your favorites, if you like. A 1/2 cup of filberts (also known as hazelnuts) and a cup of Brazil nuts is wonderful. NECESSARY: 2 cups BBQ peanuts. I mean it. Spicy, if you can find them.

1/2 cup each:

Dried cherries, dried cranberries, chopped dried apricots and finally chopped dried plums (prunes). You can add a little more of what you like, but this mix is the best, I’ve found.

1 cup each:

dried mango strips, chopped into bite-sized strips, about the size of your thumb–Essential ingredient. Pecans–halved, not pieces. Raisins.

trail mix
Good for hiking, camping, glamping, snacking at home.

Mix together and store in a plastic container. Alternately, you can use a zip-lock bag. Don’t worry that there is too much; it will all get eaten and they will be looking for more. Makes about 10 cups of deliciousness.

You can, of course, change the amounts as you see fit.  But start with this recipe. It’s salty, sweet, crunchy, chewy and deliciously satisfying.

I promise.

One last thing–if you like this recipe, and you want more ideas for snacks, you can find more here.

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