Averting Air Mattress Disaster

air mattress in a box
Air mattresses are awesome, but spring one leak and your sleep is miserable.

Air mattresses are a big part of the comfort option when we go camping.  When we were younger, sleeping in a sleeping bag on the ground with nothing between us but the bag itself and the tarp-like floor of the tent was not a big deal.  But I am on the wrong side of fifty-five now and my body lets me know it if the sleeping accommodations are less than cozy. Hence the air mattresses.

We, because we have the room to pack it, take along an air mattress and a sheepskin bed liner (synthetic and bought for a song at a second-hand store) for our sleeping bags to lay on.  Super comfy.  Don’t feel the cold at all.  Sleep like a baby.

But if ever that mattress should spring a leak, disaster!  Nothing worse than waking up on a sloppy air mattress.  You can actually hurt yourself trying to get up from one. So when we camp, we always check the mattresses a week before we’re due to go.

built-in pump sign
If you get one with a built-in pump, make sure you have the power to plug it into.

I bought a new air mattress this camping trip because we have guests going that need my regular one, so I thought why not splurge and I bought a double air mattress. This baby sits 22″ high so I should pretty well be able to swing my legs out and sit on it like a bed.  Sweet!  Unfortunately I didn’t realize that the electric pump they were talking about meant that it needs to be plugged into a wall outlet to inflate it.  “Wait, what’s that cord in the picture?” I asked uneasily. Not sweet.

My brother came to the rescue–he has an adaptor called the MotoMaster 750W Mobile Power Outlet and Inverter.  I don’t know if you can get it in the U.S.; it’s available at Canadian Tire in Canada. (There is a similar product by Potek, though, and you can see it here.) It plugs into the cigarette lighter of your car and has an outlet at the end just like a wall outlet.  It provides a 120 volts of electricity, which is what my mattress needs.  Triumph!

We also take air mattress patch kits with us in case a leak happens at the camp site. Air mattress patch kits can be bought anywhere air mattresses or camping equipment is sold.

There is a good video on how to find leaks and patch mattresses.  I chose this link because it features the mattress I bought: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hRye7Q5czU8

Only three days to go!  Tomorrow I buy the fruits and vegetables (I bought the meats awhile ago because you can freeze them), Thursday I double check and make sure we have everything, and then Friday we pack and go. My brother will be taking most of the camping equipment with him,  because I will have the car filled with pre-teen & new teen boys.  Five of them.  For two hours.

Should be quite a ride.

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