Affiliate Disclosure

Hi!  You have reached the affiliate disclosure page.  We are affiliated with, SiteGround, and Google AdSense. The rest of this page is simply varied repetitions on the same theme, but we’ve tried to make it readable, so if you have a minute to kill, read on.

If You Click on a Link Anywhere in this Website.

When you click on a link in our website and make a purchase somewhere, we may receive a small commission, at no extra cost to you. This helps us keep this website going, and me personally out of metaphorical debtor’s prison. So my gratitude is genuine, and as Bartles & James was fond of saying, “Thank you for your support.”

Our Reviews.

We are not paid for our opinions on our reviews. Every review that you read on this site has been the result of research or personal experience. Sometimes the reviews of others who have tried the product are used, and we make mention of this in the review itself. Camping and Hiking Ideas prides itself on giving sound advice to the best of our ability.  If we were paid for reviewing an item, this might interfere with that goal. It is our promise to you that should a paid review ever occur, we will place that at the top of the review in large letters, and in clear language. You will see that notice before you read the review. It hasn’t happened yet, but just in case.

The Affiliates.

Web Hosting--We are an affiliate associate of SiteGround for one good reason--we use it ourselves, so we know it's good.
We are an affiliate associate of SiteGround for one good reason–we use it ourselves, so we know it’s good.



In addition to we are also affiliated with SiteGround. SiteGround is the hosting service that brings you Camping and Hiking Ideas. You should check both these sites out. Should we take on any other affiliate companies you will see it on this list. We had Google ads but I think during a frenzied purge I must have taken out the code. We’ll see what happens in the future.


(June 7, 2017) It turns out I did, indeed, somehow remove the code for Google AdSense, but I have now replaced it.  Ads are at the top of any page you click on. That is Google Ad Sense. We affiliate with them. We like those dudes.

Final  Affiliate Thoughts.

An affiliate disclosure is required by law, and we think it’s a good one.  By doing so we create transparency and responsibility. Affiliate processes are on our site. We don’t trick you or surprise you with that fact. We think that’s important.

And again, thanks for your support. Really.