7 Clever Ideas That Will Make Camping Easier and More Fun

We have a great guest writer for you today! He’s going to tell you about some clever camping ideas that help eliminate camping stress. I know you’re going to use often. But first, a bit about our guest:

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7 Clever ideas that will make camping easier and more fun

eliminate camping stress by following these tips
Eliminate camping stress by following these tips

Camping is awesome, you get in touch with nature, you gather together with your friends and nothing can spoil your quality time there! Of course, in order to make camping such a great experience, one has to really get into it and do quite a few things. Yes, it can get stressful. Especially if something goes wrong upon arrival. However, there are certain things you could do to eliminate camping stress and make this whole experience even more enjoyable and fun! Let’s see.

Sage against pests

Many campers haven’t heard of this little trick. It is highly recommended that when you go camping, you bring sage. Sage bundles are super effective when it comes to deterring pests. Probably the most annoying thing that can happen to you while camping is getting bitten by those persistent mosquitoes. Therefore, make a bundle and set it over hot coals. The smoke is going to deter mosquitoes and other pests so that you can have a nice, bite-free experience.

Make camping easier by using an equipment list

making an equipment list is important
Making an equipment list is important

Making a list of camping essentials prior to your trip is really useful. Why? Imagine finally arriving at the campsite and it starts raining. You look into your bag and you can’t find your raincoat. Really dumb, right? Well, when you start planning it all out, make sure that you also take a look at the list of camping essentials just to be sure. Nowadays you don’t even have to leave your home in order to get the stuff you need, you can do that by visiting an online camping shop. There is really no excuse for lacking various camping essentials.

Extra toilet paper

When packing, make sure to include toilet paper. Put in an extra roll just to be safe. Pack some additional toilet paper and put it in the bag along with some cotton balls and matches. You never know who might forget something or get a stomach ache. And you can never be too safe yourself.

Lantern trick

camping lanterns
There are many camping lanterns on the market now to suit your needs.

Camping lanterns are an absolute essential since they keep your campsite well lit. However, some of them are often too bright. Especially once you’re in your tent. A cool thing to do here is to strap the light around a one gallon water container. The light has to be pointed towards the water. And you get a more diffused, softer light source. Voila!

Duct tape tweak

Duct tape is useful in so many situations, camping included. However, no one really needs an entire roll of duct tape. So, wrap some duct tape around a water bottle or knife sheath. Make sure that it doesn’t stick to itself and that’s it. You’ll always know where to find it if the need arises.

Scavenger hunt game

This one is especially good for families. It is well known that children’s attention cannot be kept forever, no matter how good the view or how fun the activity is. Therefore, equip yourself with this game should the need arise. Play a scavenger hunt game with them, but make sure that it is a nature-themed scavenger hunt. Offer a small prize or a treat just to motivate them even more.

Additional water

bring additional water
Bring additional water

Bringing some additional water is always a good idea. Making this multi-functional is even better. Hear this! If you are bringing a cooler, freeze a couple of gallon jugs of water. Don’t bring ice blocks. This way, they will keep everything cold, but they will also provide back-up water when they melt. If you’re planning a trip where you need your ice to last longer, add 1/4 cup of salt into one or two jugs and label them! No one likes drinking salty water. Do know that salt water melts slowly. So there’s a camping hack for you.

Hopefully, you’ll find these ideas useful. Camping is an event where bonding happens, it is an experience that needs to be cherished. And as such, you need to do whatever you can to make it even better. The aim of these ideas is to help you do exactly that. Exploring everything Mother Nature has to offer with your loved ones is awesome, so do your best to make it even better!