Top Ten Camping Blogs 2018

Top 10 Camping Blogs 2018
Which blogs are best for you? Check out our Top 10 Camping Blogs 2018 List to help you decide.

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Our last top camping blogs list, compiled about six months back in October of 2017, was so successful we decided to make it an annual event.  Plus we pushed it to April, since for us that is the start of good weather camping season. It benefits you because it gives you time to check out the sites, maybe file some recommendations away for use on your upcoming camping trip, and if you’re in the market for some gear, you can read the reviews of whatever it is you’re thinking of getting.

Why do we do a top ten camping website list? Because we love all things camping–including websites! However, many blogs and websites start with the best of intentions and then don’t continue. Others are really just online stores, with no content you can learn from. And one or two are just…well, you have to give them credit for trying.

The criteria for making our top ten list is pretty simple. Some content fueled by personal experience, some articles with info the average camper will find helpful, and accurate and coherent writing.

Top 10 Camping Blogs 2018 looked for certain qualities in a website.

Our criteria is simple, really:

Personal Experience Content.

There has to be some content that is from the website owner’s, or writer’s, personal experience. We look for articles that tell the reader “This is what I did. It doesn’t have to be all that way, but we need to find at least one or two articles that speak directly from the writer to the reader.

Helpful to the Average Camper.

Some websites out there are gorgeous and full of information, but they are for the “professional” camper or hiker; that is, those who travel the world and get to the tops of mountains and cliff sides. That’s great; but when there is no information for the family that wants to go bush camping for the long weekend or the hiker that only has an overnight hike in mind near his town, it isn’t relevant for most of the campers out there. If there’s nothing for the average camper/hiker, it belongs on another type of list.

Accurate and Coherent Writing.

Every website and blog struggles with spelling errors and mistakes.  We struggle with it, too (as I am sure some of you regulars have noticed from time to time). But there needs to be a reasonable effort at proof reading to keep the spelling mistakes and grammatical errors to a minimum.

Most importantly, the information has to be accurate.  Campers rely on two things when preparing to camp–what they have learned through personal experience and what they have learned by doing research.  If the information presented isn’t accurate or if it is obviously generic articles cobbled together from other online sources, it is doing a great disfavor to the reader. No real camper wants to read such stuff. No real camper writes it.

I can hear you saying, “I thought your list was in October…….

Our Annual Top Ten Camping Blog List Is Now In April.

We love October, we really do. Fall and winter camping is among our favorite times of the year to camp. (See our article “Ten Reasons For Fall Camping” And 50 Campfires has a great article about winter hammock camping!) But the fact of the matter is, spring and summer are when most people camp, and that is when they need the information in our top ten list the most. So we’ve pushed it up to April, and it will be an annual April entry from now on.

We do, however, accept requests throughout the year if you have a camping website or blog and want us to check it out to see if you can be in our top ten.  We’ll look at your site, and if you fulfill the above criteria, you might make it into our top ten! With the response we’ve been getting we’re seriously considering an honorable mention list, as well, so drop us a line at and provide us with a link to your website.  We love blogs and sites about camping, we just love them!  And newbies are more than welcome.  In fact, we have a fairly new website in our top ten list for this year.

And Now, Without Further Ado:

…Aaaand the post has gone on way too long, as usual.  Tell you what. Click here and it will take you to the list.

May the smoke stay out of your eyes, the weather be dry and sunny, and your campsite free of mosquitoes!