How The Camping Weekend Went

When they want their own tent, but want someone nearby for safety.
One nephew wanted his own tent, but also wanted to be near someone for safety. Guess who he picked to tent beside?

All in all, our camping weekend went great.  The site we wanted was taken already, in  spite of the fact that my brother went up Thursday to secure it (because it’s bush camping it’s a first-come, first-serve kind of thing), but we got the site we had the last time we were here, and that’s great; it’s one of my favorite sites because it has a lot of space and it’s kind of pretty to look out on the river.  You have to travel down a small embankment to get water, but that’s okay.

The first day was busy, setting up the tents and getting the air

Fitting a queen-sized mattress into any tent can be entertaining to watch.
Fitting a queen-sized mattress into any tent can have entertainment value.

mattresses into them; it doesn’t matter how big a tent is, all the entrances are remarkably similar in size and so it’s kind of like trying to squeeze a giant, air-filled square peg into a smaller nylon round hole. We got it all done, though.

My air mattress was a double thickness, not like the one my brother-in-law is trying to fit into the tent into the picture here, so that was a delightful experience.  They left their tent at home so I shared mine with them.  By the way, the ten-man instant tent I bought was great!  Read about the results here. However, we got it all done and just like that Friday was over.  We stuffed the boys into their tents (four pre-teens into a large one, (one teen into the smaller one), and then the rest of us sat up until about two in the morning, just talking and enjoying the sensation of sitting in front of a campfire with nothing left to do but go to bed.

Saturday was wonderful; it was like summer in our area–except for about an hour in the afternoon.  It went from this:

The camping weekend was summery and beautiful by the river.
Gorgeous summer weather, for nearly the whole camping weekend. I say, *nearly*.








To this:

For one hour, it hailed--hailed!--before turning into summer again.
That’s hail, folks. Hail which turned into a drenching rainstorm. And I left my tent entrance open.

The hail turned to rain and we had a downpour like you wouldn’t believe.  It ran the whole gamut–we had thunder and lightning, wind, cold, and thunder again. We honestly wondered if we should pack up and go home, the weather was so violent. Then


After the brief but violent storm, we were back to summer weather conditions.
Back to summer again, as if the whole hailstorm had never happened.

…in less than an hour, we had sunshine and summer was back:







The guys wasted no time putting up the tarps after the storm. Weekend camping--what are you going to do?
I can’t over-stress the importance of tarps when camping. Even when it rains only a little, the tarp keeps everything underneath nice and dry.

It was the craziest thing. The boys wasted no time in setting up a tarp, something they had been putting off because the weather was just so nice.








The rest of the camping weekend was pretty good–now and then it would rain for a bit, then clear up and be nice.  It didn’t rain too often to interfere.  We had plenty of wood, tarps over everything, and even with the rain we played a game of Harpo’s croquet that was so much fun it lasted three hours (there was a half hour pause on account of the rain and dinner).

We had to pack up the stuff wet when we went home but that too worked out nicely; the weather at home was scorching, so we spread out all the tents and tarps and they dried in no time, and then we packed them away for the next camping trip.

I am already missing the time up there.  I wonder if I can wrangle some time off for the August long weekend…